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...Our mission is to make cutting-edge technologies accessible to everyone, empowering the masses to conquer the digital landscape with confidence and security.

The Degen Forest is more than just a community - it's a tribe. Our tribe is made up of people who are passionate about NFTs and the potential they hold!

Benefits of Joining Our Web3 Community

Our mission is to provide the infrastructure and services necessary for the new generation to flourish and succeed in the digital realm.


SMSCash is an App that allows us to onboard normies into Web3 with a Guaranteed Positive First Time Experience

Degen Wallet

Is a Scalable Self Custody Wallet Solution that enables Degens to navigate Web3 & NFTs in a Safe and Secure manner. 

Degen Reply

Our Degen Reply Assistant allows you to gain maximum speed on your Twitter Grind. Empowered with ChatGPT-4 this tool will maximize your Twitter Growth.

Tools Suite

Our suite of tools includes everything from wallets and DEXs to NFT marketplaces and launchpads, as well as news and insights on Web3 and NFTs

About Our Founder

Our Founder has been a Degen since 2013 and is now on a mission for Web3 mass adoption. He believes that Kick Ass Art + Utility + Blockchain = NFT. He is not only passionate about these technologies but he truly believes that Gains are nothing, freedom is everything.

π˜Ώπ™€π™‚π™€π™‰ πŸ¦πŸ—

Tech Visionary

He has been creating technology in the Direct Response Marketing Industry since 2009 and was one of the early adopters of blockchain technology in 2013 when he started his journey in the industry as a bitcoin miner. In 2017 he was an avid Protocols and L1 Blockchains investor and in 2021 he fell in love with NFTs, the technology behind them, and all the possibilities that they represent for humanity.

More Perks From Our NFT Mint

Earn MOOLA πŸͺ™ from our app even before mint.
5 Million MOOLA πŸͺ™ will be distributed to among all wallets that Mint. 
2x More MOOLA for first 1,000 people who Mints
Real Sustainable Business Model. $270,000 Per Month Initial Projected Profits (based on 20k daily active users)
Beta Test Access to All the Tools in the Forest at 0% fees
Daily Web3 Morning Motivation Spaces for everyone in the Web3 Community.
Future GRASS πŸͺ™ Airdrop (after the BTC Halving)
Mark Your Calendars, Our Mint Goes Live On







10:00 AM


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Investing is one of the best ways to grow your wealth. Join our web3 Community and learn the best strategies to get the most our of your portfolio and let's make a killing this bull cycle. 

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Mint Date May 24th 9:00 AM EST | Mint Price: 0.04 ETH